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Keep your teeth pearly white: Rinse your mouth after eating or drinking acidic foods or beverages like tomato sauce, coffee and wine.   
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Red wine isn’t the only vino that can taint your pearly whites. The acid in white wine can increase your teeth’s susceptibility to stains too. Highly acidic foods like wine, soda and sweets can leave your teeth more prone to discoloration (and decay). The acid left behind on enamel allows pigments to penetrate deeper into your teeth, which can lead to staining. That’s why darkly colored foods and drinks can pose a double whammy. Some major players in the tooth-staining business: spaghetti sauce, red wine, cola, coffee, tea, soy sauce and darkly pigmented fruit and vegetables like beets and berries. That’s not to say you should avoid these treats (though cola, in our book, is a no-no). Drink a glass of water or rinse your mouth after eating. Sipping milk or nibbling cheese with your dish can also help neutralize the acid on your teeth and protect them from damage.

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Dick commented on Tuesday, July 05, 2011 6:18 PM
Are " white strips" good are bad for the enamel of your teeth?
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