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Goodbye Pyramid. Hello, Healthy Plate!   
Choose My Plate
Healthful eaters, it's time to look to your plate for good nutrition.  Today the Department of Agriculture released their new symbol for healthy eating, "My Plate."  The picture is really simple—look to your plate for the answer to eating well.  Include half a plate of veggies and fruits, roughly a quarter plate of protein, and roughly a quarter of grains (whole grains—of course).  Choose foods with less sodium and switch to fat-free or low-fat milk.  And lastly, switch to water instead of sugared beverages, which will not only cut calories but also curb your appetite when you drink two cups before a meal.  The recommendation also hints at portion control, urging people to enjoy their food while eating less.  This can be monitored easily by using a meal measure, a tool that sits on top of your dinner plate and has pre-measured portion sizes for your food.  Since the symbol for healthy eating no longer spells out a list of foods in each category, consumers are enabled to fill it with their own dietary needs. 
Need help learning how to eat healthier? Try our GO! Foods for You program, developed by Cleveland Clinic Wellness, an online healthy eating program designed to teach you how to make smart food choices by taking small steps each day.  Once you start on the road to wellness, those small steps begin to add up to big changes, and your plate is the perfect place to start!

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