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It's Eat Your Vegetables Day!   
Green Vegetables
Mom and dad were right when they encouraged you to eat your veggies!  Vegetables are high in healthy phytonutrients and antioxidants, which protect your body and help prevent disease.  Veggies also reduce harmful free radicals and inflammation, making them good for the heart and protecting against conditions such as diabetes, cancer, arthritis and dementia. In other words, they are super good for you!  So go ahead, boost your health and independence by grabbing a handful of nutrient-rich veggies.  Here are some ideas for celebrating Eat Your Vegetables Day and committing to eat healthier! 
1) Green up your breakfast. Start the day with a delicious blend of sweet fruits and vegetables. The natural sugars in the fruits mask the healthy spinach hidden in the mix!  Easy to prepare and packed with carbohydrates, vitamins, potassium and calcium, this energizing smoothie has it all!  Make it yourself.
2) Chop salad for lunch.  No recipe needed here.  Just choose your favorite vegetables, like spinach, carrots, tomatoes, beets and mushrooms, or use whatever you already have on hand.  Fresh and simple!  Want to go the extra mile?  Learn the benefits of eating a salad for breakfast!
3) Serve broccoli at dinner. When we say broccoli is a super food, we really mean it!  A current study in the Journal Atherosclerosis has shown that sulforaphane, an antioxidant in broccoli, helps increase healthy HDL cholesterol. How does broccoli do this?  Sulforaphane appears to turn off a protein that prevents the production of HDL, and turns on a gene that increases HDL levels.  All you have to do is have some broccoli and your body takes care of the rest!  So enjoy your broccoli on Eat Your Vegetables Day.  Your body will thank you!

Want to learn how to love eating well from Amy?  Try her eight-week, guided online nutrition program, Go! Foods for You!

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