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Soda Drinker? Why It May Be Time to Make A Swap   
Regular soda has been a nutrition concern of mine for quite some time. The added sugars, calories and lack of beneficial nutrients provide little to no reason to drink the stuff. I used to recommend diet beverages to my clients, but I have started changing my tune on that one as well. Previous research has already found a possible link with diet soda consumption and metabolic syndrome. And now, the latest research is examining the role of diet sodas and cardiovascular disease. 
New research from the Journal of General Internal Medicine looked at the possible association between the daily consumption of soft drinks and events such as heart attack and stroke. Lead researcher Hannah Gardener and her team looked at the connection between individuals who drank soft drinks, both diet and regular, and heart events over a 10 year period.  
The data from the 2,564 participants in the Northern Manhattan Study revealed that people who drank diet sodas daily were 43 percent more likely to have suffered a vascular event than those who drank none, after taking into account pre-existing conditions such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes and high blood pressure.
The study did not take into account risk factors such as family history or weight gain, which means that further research needs to be done. However, this study offers up yet another possible reason to consider switching to a healthier, low-calorie beverage such as black coffee, green tea, or some water with fresh lemon or lime. You may be helping your heart more than you know. 

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