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Women: Job stress increases your risk of a heart attack. Leave work at the office, and use downtime for relaxing activities.   
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New research shows high-stress jobs increase a woman’s risk of heart attack, heart disease and stroke by almost 40 percent. You may not be able to lose the job, but you can find ways to decrease the stress. To keep job stress from invading your home life, don’t let work responsibilities infringe on your personal time. Carve out time every day when cell phones, BlackBerrys and laptops are off so your body has time to recuperate. Use your downtime to engage in fun, relaxing activities that take your mind off work. Spend time with friends and family, watch a funny movie, go for a bike ride or a walk, visit a museum, or cultivate a hobby. This kind of quality time away from the office can help keep you from ruminating about work issues and help prevent burnout. It may also protect your heart.

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