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The magic formula for keeping the flu at bay: Get your flu shot, don’t skimp on sleep, wash your hands often, and exercise regularly.   
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Did you spend last year’s holiday season stuck in bed with the flu? This year, build a stronger immune system that you can give thanks for at the Thanksgiving table. Your first line of defense against the flu should always be your annual flu shot. It takes two weeks for the vaccine to kick in, so if you want immunity from flu-harboring relatives come Turkey Day, get your shot ASAP. You can also help your immune system fight strong by getting enough shut-eye. Chronic sleep deprivation increases your susceptibility to colds, and it may even have an impact on the effectiveness of vaccines. Exercise also gives the immune system a boost, but the effects are short-lived, so working out regularly is the best way to keep your system primed. Finally, to keep germs at bay, wash your hands regularly.

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