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A Reminder to Breathe   
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When we are in the moment we are able to make healthier lifestyle choices. One of the ways we’ve learned to do that is by sitting and standing straight — not only for how it helps us function better but especially for how it helps us to be in the moment.
Another important way to be in the moment: breathe. When we’re stressed, we tend to take shallow breaths and even hold our breath. Our brain, the largest consumer of oxygen in the body, may not sustain optimal levels of clear thinking, memory functions and wellbeing in general when we are not breathing well.
Here’s a tip for how to remember to practice your breathing. Place four loose rubber bands or four bracelets on your left wrist at the start of the day. Practice the 4 x 4 breath — one full, complete deep breath followed by a normal breath — four times throughout the day. After you’ve completed a set of four breaths, move the rubber band or bracelet to your opposite wrist. By the end of the day all four reminders should be on your right wrist. Just as a pedometer helps you track your steps, this trick will help you stay committed to your breathing practice and living in the moment.

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