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Are you feeling a little uptight about everything that still needs to be done — the shopping, wrapping, cards, plans, travel, social gatherings, and so on? The list really does goes on. Be careful or you may find yourself with an unseasonable scowl, shoulders up near your ears and fists clenched. Holding on to your sense of humor during the holidays is as important as crossing all of those tasks off your list. Laughter gets us through difficult times. If we can laugh at the absurdity of a situation, we can move through it with a better attitude and a healthy perspective. I’m not talking about sarcastic humor or humor at the expense of someone else. The humor that works is positive, warm and cheerful. Consider wearing Groucho glasses in gridlock traffic while asking to merge. A driver might let you in just to keep you in front of them! Cut out cartoons that make you laugh and keep them nearby at work. Watch a favorite funny movie, old comedy routine, or one of the many hilarious videos available on YouTube. Whatever you do, do your best to frown less — and enjoy the season more.

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