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Give the Gift of: A Love Letter   
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Write a “love letter” to a special loved one or close friend. This isn't a mushy love letter. It is a letter to express how much you admire and care about someone. You might write about meaningful experiences you’ve had with that person or how they have supported or encouraged you in your life. It is a letter to say what you have always wanted that person to know. A letter, especially hand written, is so personal and special. It sends the message that you care enough to take the time to put your thoughts down on paper. A letter can be read and re-read. It's the gift that keeps on giving, long after it’s received. I've written to each of my parents, siblings and other relatives and friends. Writing allows you to take the time to find the words that express your feelings. The length of the letter isn't important. It's about the content, written from the heart and in your own words.

— Jane Pernotto Ehrman, M.Ed, CHES
Behavioral Health Specialist

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