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Keyed up from gift wrapping? Try this to help you sleep: Picture a serene place, like a quiet beach, and breathe deeply for 10 minutes.    
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Feeling too frazzled to fall asleep? Researchers have found that a 10-minute tension tamer can reduce stress and help you get to sleep. Just before bed, spend 10 minutes envisioning a serene and welcoming place, like a dock at a lake at sunset. Picture it in as much detail as you can — hear the birds chirping, and feel the late afternoon sun warming your face. While in that place, breathe slowly and deeply. Practiced nightly, this mini relaxation technique can help relieve stress, boost sleep quality, and decrease next-day fatigue. If you frequently have trouble leaving your stress outside the bedroom, you may also want to consider the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Go! to Sleep program. The six-week online program, developed by sleep experts at the Cleveland Clinic, can teach you how to put your mind at ease so you fall asleep and stay asleep, night after night.

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