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Our Product Pick: Sweet Truth Dark Chocolate Bark With Probiotics   
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As if we needed any more reasons to love dark chocolate, along comes another one — dark chocolate with probiotics. Fantasy Candies has raised the bar for healthy, dark chocolate by adding a happier gut to the list of its many benefits. What else can dark chocolate do for you? Namely, improve blood flow and cognitive functioning, protect your arteries, and even boost your mood. Sweet Truth 72% Cocoa Solids are lactose and gluten free and meet our Go! Healthy guidelines, which means they get our healthiest stamp of approval! Every piece is handcrafted and mixed with fruits, nuts, spices and infused flavors. The result: A flavor that is smooth, intense and never bitter. So next time that chocolate craving strikes, take a moment to slow down and enjoy a serving of this magical treat. Try Sweet Truth Dark Chocolate Bark with Probiotics.

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