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The Benefits of Belly Breathing (and How to Do It!)   
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When you lie down to go to sleep after a busy day, do you ever notice that you take a deep, long breath and let it out with a sigh? That’s a great example of a belly breath (fully using your diaphragm). Although it sounds simple to take a deep, cleansing breath, there are many reasons why we don’t or can’t breathe that deeply. A few examples of why we may not be belly breathing on a regular basis: We’ve got a stomach full of food; we’re wearing tight pants; we’re trying to hold our gut in; we’re simply too stressed during the day. It’s for all of these reasons, and more, that we have tightness in our belly — that feeling that doesn’t allow our diaphragm to move easily, and doesn’t support or allow for deeper, efficient breaths. The hardest part about belly breathing is letting go and relaxing so that the diaphragm can move and fill your lungs with air. I’m going to teach you how to practice belly breathing so you can experience its many benefits.

The Benefits of Breathing Deeply
There are many reasons to practice belly breathing. Breathing this way can help bring better focus and clarity by bridging your mind and body. It can also lower blood pressure and heart and respiratory rates, and it can help to circulate more oxygenated blood throughout your body. Finally, it’s a powerful way to release stress. Follow the exercise below and you will soon experience why it’s worth the effort.

Belly Breathing Exercise
Step 1: Try to breathe in and out of your nose; it filters, warms and moisturizes the air.

Step 2: Lie down and make yourself comfortable. Slowly start to relax the muscles in your legs, hips, belly, chest, arms and neck.

Step 3: Start to bring attention to your breath, feeling yourself relax from the inside out. As you relax, inhale and allow your belly to rise; then slowly exhale and allow your belly to fall.

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