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Fill up and slim down with whole-grain pasta salad, peas and lentils, all with a complex carb that helps you lose weight and feel full.    
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Quick, what do barely ripe bananas, beans, cold pasta and potatoes, and lentils all have in common? They’re brimming with a type of fiber that slips through the stomach undigested and gets fermented in the intestines. What does this mean for your health? For one, this process releases hormones that tell the body to use stored fat (e.g., from the belly or hips) for fuel. This fiber also takes the edge off of your appetite, keeping you fuller for longer. Beyond helping you lose weight, a diet rich in fiber may also kill precancerous cells and reduce inflammation. To add more fibrous carbs to your plate, choose healthful sources like yams, peas, chickpeas and barley, as well as cooked and chilled foods like brown-rice sushi and whole-grain pasta salad.

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