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The Power of Time Alone   
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Taking time regularly to be quiet and alone with our thoughts helps us gain perspective and insight, and it can stir our creativity. During this time of solitude our thoughts flow freely, expanding and developing, without interruption. New ideas may come to mind, or fresh insights about you, a situation or an experience may emerge. It’s important to understand that solitude (time alone) is different from isolation, which is about keeping our thoughts, joys and struggles to ourselves, rather than sharing them with a trusted friend or loved one.

So how should you use your time alone? First, allow this time to be refreshing, energizing and calming. It helps us step away from the daily grind and into our thoughts in a positive way. To make the most of your time alone: Choose a place where you won’t be interrupted, such as in a park or a quiet room. During your time alone, allow your thoughts to flow freely, focusing on thoughts that are meaningful and helpful to you. Stay with them in order to gain insight and perspective. Have paper and pen available to record any details later. Your time alone is similar to the early stages of meditation, when thoughts arise. Taking the time to be alone with your thoughts in a productive way invites creativity, wisdom and inner peace, and it is an important part of healthy living. BR>

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Jonathan Reid commented on Wednesday, August 26, 2015 10:58 AM
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