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Supplement Review: Green Coffee Bean   
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Here’s one of the single best things you can do (in addition to not smoking) to improve your health, increase your energy and enhance your well-being — reach and maintain a healthy weight. Often that journey can be difficult, and while there is no panacea for weight loss, there are some ways to supplement your efforts. Along with tried-and-true methods like walking, practicing mindfulness, and eating right, there may be other ways to boost your progress. A 2012 study of chlorogenic acid, the active ingredient found in Green Coffee Bean, showed weight loss, decreased blood pressure, and inhibition of glucose (sugar) in the liver in participants. The Cleveland Clinic Prescriptive Wellness Committee (PWC) reviewed this supplement and found that there is some evidence to suggest weight loss benefit, but that more research is needed for a higher rating by the PWC. Read their full review to understand the pros and cons for Green Coffee Bean. And always discuss any supplements with your doctor.

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