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Buying groceries for the big game? Skip the junk food aisle. Fans of the losing team are more likely to take comfort in a junk-food binge.    
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Don’t let the disappointment of a big-league football loss derail your efforts to eat healthfully. Research suggests that sports fans of the losing team are more likely than winning fans to load up on aging saturated fat and simple added sugars or syrups. Though we would never want to encourage you to plan for defeat, we recommend stocking up on healthful snacks — and skipping the nachos — before any game. That way, win or lose, you’ll be less tempted to celebrate or console yourself with highly processed comfort foods. Offer some of these great choices on game day: whole-grain pita chips and hummus, turkey burger sliders with baked sweet potato fries, Greek pesto pizza and popcorn. For other healthy ideas, check out our list of 10 snacks to have on hand at all times. Even if you’re not a fan of raw veggies, you may find that crunching on crudités during a nail-biting game helps you to defuse and de-stress!

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