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Freeing Breath: An Exercise for Better Sleep   
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I am resting comfortably, my body fully supported, and eyes gently closed. I take three cleansing breaths, bringing my focus to my body/mind.

Do a gentle body scan beginning at your head, noticing thoughts that get in the way of peace and calm. Imagine gathering them with your breath and slowly exhaling, breathing them out into a gentle breeze that carries them away. Notice how good that feels. Continue releasing cluttered or intrusive thoughts with your breath…and feeling the relief.

Move through your face, neck and shoulders, then down your arms to fingertips. Notice any tension or discomfort there, and again, gather it with your breath and release it. Soften those areas, letting your body sink into the furniture.

Scan your chest and back, noticing any tension or discomfort there. Release it with your breath, letting your body soften a little more.

Notice your lower back and abdomen, releasing with your breath whatever needs to go.

Scan your hips, upper legs and knees, softening these areas with a full, comfortable breath.

Notice your lower legs, ankles and feet, breathing away tension, discomfort and fatigue.

Let yourself “be” with the soothing calm of body/mind. Sweet dreams…


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