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Quiet, Still Space: A Meditation for Better Sleep   
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I am resting comfortably, my body fully supported and eyes gently closed. I turn my attention to my breath. I am aware of the ebb and flow, like the gentle lapping of water at the edge of the shore. Some breaths are deeper than others. Without judgment, I let my breath carry me.

As I experience my breath, I notice the quiet, still space between the exhale of one breath and the inhale of the next one. There’s just a little space of stillness — a beat or two.

I let myself “be” in this brief space, before comfortably taking the next breath. I simply observe how it feels to be in the stillness there.

I notice the calmer I am, the more space of quiet stillness. I let myself rest in the quiet stillness. I let my body melt into comfort and calm.


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