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Make Your Next Transition a Successful One    
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We all experience transitions in life. Sometimes we make them happen, and sometimes they just happen to us (whether we like it or not). No matter whether your next transition is related to a new job, a new home or a change in your relationship, you can make it a successful journey, despite the stress that often accompanies a big change. You may find that you have a tendency to focus on the negative aspects of what you are leaving. It may be the parts of the old job that were frustrating or upsetting, what you’ll miss about your old living space or the painful parts of the relationship that is coming to a close. But you don’t need to dwell in this place.

Follow these steps for a healthy and effective transition:
  1. Write down all the good that came from your experience: the skills, positive experiences, the wisdom gained and blessings from this time in your life.
  2. Write down what was negative and difficult, even painful. There are always life lessons to learn from what you experienced.
  3. Release the negative feelings related to what you are leaving. Notice where you feel the emotions in your body — the knot in your stomach, tight shoulders or ache in your chest. Imagine breathing it away and clearing it out. Let go of any bonds that keep you from moving forward in your life.
  4. Notice how much better you feel — perhaps lighter, freer, calmer.
  5. Keep all the goodness of what you are leaving: good memories, insight and wisdom, blessings and life lessons. Imagine filling yourself up with the good energy from these gifts.
  6. Set your intention for a smooth transition; one in which all parties move through the experience in a helpful, positive way.
  7. Be open to and expect the wonderful possibilities that await you in your life’s next chapter.


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