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The Hats We Wear    
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How many of the following hats do you wear: Daughter, son, sibling, spouse/partner, caregiver, neighbor, community member, parent, friend, volunteer, co-worker, or employer? The list can go on and on. Undoubtedly, you juggle many roles in your life that keep you in “doing” mode. One person you probably don’t focus on as much — you! Try to get comfortable wearing the “me” hat for a while. Often, it’s more comfortable, acceptable, and even necessary to wear other hats, leaving the “me” hat on the shelf. When this happens too often, you may feel out of balance. You may start to feel drained, pressed for time, resentful, overwhelmed and stressed out. When you’re feeling that way, it’s easier to give in to unhealthy habits. You may take fewer steps, overeat, or spend more time in front of the television. Before you know it, you’re feeling out of whack.

Here are three ways to create greater life balance:
  1. Remember: Practicing self-care is taking responsibility for your health and wellbeing. It is not being selfish.
  2. Look at the week ahead and schedule personal time for exercise and stress relief. Even 10 to 15 minute breaks are beneficial. (Check out my aromatherapy post if you need ideas for how to relax!)
  3. Choose just one thing you will do each day that you enjoy. It might be talking with a friend, working on a craft project or reading a book.
If your needs are met, you’ll be happier, healthier and more productive.


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