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Keep your immune system fighting strong this season. Make time for the most important meal of the day to help keep colds and flu at bay.    
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When the alarm goes off on a weekday morning you may feel like it’s the start of a morning race. But if you dash out the door without eating breakfast, you could be missing a chance to keep your immune system in tip-top shape. Research suggests that people who skip breakfast come down with colds and flu more often than those who enjoy the most important meal of the day. Another immune-system sapper is stress. While you won’t be able to rid yourself of stress completely, you can manage it better by maintaining healthy habits. Get your zzz’s (seven to nine hours, depending on what makes your body function best), stay active and eat nutritious, balanced meals. A few ideas for a smart start in the morning: Try peanut butter on 100 percent whole-grain toast, a couple of hard-boiled or poached eggs without the yokes, Greek yogurt (nonfat and no sugar added) with frozen berries, or a bowl of oatmeal with nuts and berries.

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