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Our Product Pick: This Is Your Do-Over   
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Dr. Michael F. Roizen, Cleveland Clinic Chief Wellness Officer (and our very own fearless leader) is at it again, helping people turn their health around, with This Is Your Do-Over: The 7 Secrets to Losing Weight, Living Longer and Getting a Second Chance at the Life You Want. Dr. Roizen is tireless in his efforts to help people live healthier, happier and longer! In his latest book he shows you that it’s never too late, no matter what your age, to get the life you want. Through his straight talk and trademark humor, Dr. Roizen makes your do-over, doable! He addresses all the areas that contribute to total-body wellness, including nutrition, exercise, sex, stress, sleep, and the brain. Grounded in cutting-edge scientific research and culled from Dr. Roizen’s experience coaching thousands, This Is Your Do-Over is the one book you need to optimize your health and start living a life filled with energy and happiness. Don’t wait another minute: Start your do-over right now!


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