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The new fast food! Have roasted veggies at the ready for a satisfying snack when hunger strikes.    
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When nutritious food is close at hand, you’re all the more likely to choose it — but that takes planning. To enjoy the savory-sweet delight of roasted vegetables — sweet potatoes, beets, carrots and parsnips — on a frequent basis (not just when you have time to prep and cook), we have one word for you: batches. Roast a big batch every week, and then get creative about incorporating them into meals and snacks. Reheat roasted vegetables in the microwave to eat as is. “You can also dice them and incorporate them into a frittata or add them to soups or salads,” says Jim Perko, executive chef at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute. “Or mash them together — a wonderful alternative to mashed potatoes — and top with caramelized onions or broccoli.” No need to worry about having to toss these tasty bites: Covered and refrigerated, roasted veggies will keep for at least five days. It’s the best of both worlds — slow food, served up fast!

Extra credit: Whip up a delicious dip to make veggie snacks even more enticing. Try our Grilled Onion Hummus.

Daily Dose
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