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Avoid Holiday Food Nightmares   
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If you’re someone who is generally conscientious about food and drink, the holidays can cause nightmares. I’m not talking about the fright of indigestion after eating a rich meal or drinking more than reasonable, although that certainly can be scary. I’m talking about what happens when you really get caught up in the stress, fatigue and frenzy of the season – and completely fall off the healthy eating wagon. This sort of diet change is a shock to your system. Ever seen the TUMS® commercial where the guy is slapped in the face by the barbequed wing? His body is letting him know that he’s going to pay a price for that choice. That price: a food nightmare that includes indigestion, head and body aches, lethargy and brain fog, also known as a food hangover.

Here are some tips to help you have more comfortable – and healthier – holidays.
  • Plan ahead and bring a healthy dish or snack to the party. Trust me, you won’t be the only one reaching for it.
  • Focus on meeting new people and re-connecting with friends and family, rather than on the food and drink.
  • Eat something healthy before you arrive. That will help you make better choices at the event.
  • When possible, buddy up with someone who is also working to be healthier. Have each other’s back at the buffet table and share healthy menu items at the restaurant.
  • When you’ve had enough to drink, or want to avoid alcohol, have a glass of sparkling water with a twist of lemon or lime and you’ll blend in just fine.
  • Graciously decline offers for more food and drink, then shift the conversation with a compliment about the individual or event.
Enjoy the holidays and make wonderful memories by planning ahead and staying focused on the meaning behind the celebration.


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