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Here’s looking at EVOO, kid! Use extra-virgin olive oil in place of saturated fats to reduce (by more than 60%!) your risk of breast cancer.   
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Are you getting your daily dose of fresh-squeezed olive juice? That’s essentially what extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO) is. A new study makes a strong case for following a Mediterranean diet and then supplementing the diet with four tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil every day. In the six-year study, researchers compared three groups of women, the first of which ate a standard Mediterranean diet; the second of which ate a Mediterranean diet plus an extra dose of EVOO; and the third of which was told to reduce dietary fat intake. Five years after the study ended, researchers discovered that the EVOO group had reduced their risk of developing malignant breast cancer by 68 percent. Bottom line: The Mediterranean diet has been shown again and again to be a particularly nourishing dietary strategy. People who eat large amounts of vegetables, beans, fruits and whole grains, including plenty of legumes and nuts, plus fish and olive oil reduce their risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Looking for Mediterranean-inspired recipes? For breakfast, start with Greek yogurt smothered in fresh berries. For lunch or dinner, toss veggies, greens or grains with this Mediterranean Salad Dressing, or try Baked Tomato and Feta over Mixed Greens. Eating for health and longevity has never tasted so good.

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