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Sticking with Positive Changes Long Enough for Positive Results   
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Whether recovering from an illness or injury, or working to improve your health, if you’re like most of us, you want to see results fast! Trying to lose weight? You want to see those numbers on the scale and inches on the tape measure drop right away. Research shows that most people quit new, healthy lifestyle changes within three weeks. That’s because they feel discouraged that they aren’t seeing big results — fast! Sound familiar? When you make healthy behavior changes — improving your diet, increasing your activity levels, or practicing stress management techniques — the benefits occur on the inside first, where you can’t see them. You can’t see arteries opening or muscle fibers rebuilding. And it takes about three weeks of consistent meditation for changes in the brain to occur, helping you become more responsive and less reactive in stressful situations. Think of it this way: When you take a road trip at night, your car’s headlights allow you to see about 200 feet in front of you, yet you trust that if you stay on the road and follow the signs, you’ll arrive at your destination. The same is true when it comes to making healthy lifestyle changes. Stop judging your progress and yourself; just stay the course. Remember: Healing and health improvements begin on the inside, and you need to trust in the process.


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