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A vote for “good” fat: If you’re worried the Mediterranean diet will lead to weight gain, don’t be!   
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Resolving phobias can be a tricky business. We’re not talking about heights or spiders, but the irrational fear of eating fat. The myths that “fat is unhealthy” and “fat will make you fat!” have hung on, fueled by a food industry that makes a lot of money off low-fat, highly processed “food,” a term we use loosely. Here’s the truth, backed by abundant evidence and common sense: There’s a divide the size of the Grand Canyon between manufactured fats (like hydrogenated seed oils) and fats from cold-water fish, olives and olive oil, and nuts. In a nutshell, these plant and fish fats nourish your body, while manufactured fats harm it. A recent long-term study underscores the fact that nourishing fat does not lead to weight gain when it’s part of a healthy, plant-centered diet. Over five years, people who ate a Mediterranean-influenced diet with abundant plant foods, nutritious fats, and no calorie restriction lost more weight than those who ate a strict low-fat diet. Spare yourself the tedium of counting calories. Instead, make sure your meals and snacks consist of colorful, whole plant foods like veggies, legumes, herbs and spices, and intact grains, along with olive oil, nuts, and fish such as wild salmon and sardines. You’ll support your health while pleasing your palate. Now that’s a winning combination!

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