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Get nutty, in the best way! Walnuts may improve colon health.   
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As you enjoy the bounty of gorgeous vegetables and fruits of late summer, save some room for walnuts. Like most foods brought to you by Mother Nature, they’re multitaskers for good health: They're rich in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, high in vitamin E, and chock-full of fiber and nourishing protein. These nutritious little nuggets may also help prevent colon cancer by creating a beneficial balance of gut bacteria. More research is needed, as the study was done on mice (whose biology differs a bit from ours), but there’s no need to wait. Work walnuts into your weekly menu starting now! Walnuts are a fantastic snack on their own, and they pair beautifully with veggies and fruit, as in our Spinach Salad with Oranges and Walnuts and our Chicken, Walnut, and Brown Rice Stir-Fry. Finally, given the abundance of basil and other fresh herbs this time of year, we have two more words to share: walnut pesto! Pull out your blender; add a combination of fresh herbs, toasted walnuts, a little garlic, and olive oil; and press the “on” button. Your family and friends will go nuts!


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