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Get plenty of exercise…check. Eat nourishing food in appropriate portions…check. Manage stress…check. Sleep well…check. If you’ve got your bases covered but continue to struggle with maintaining a healthy weight, make sure your physician checks you out, and then consider making an adjustment — to your lighting! According to a new study, too much artificial light at night and not enough natural morning light may increase your risk of obesity. There’s plenty to love about the modern world — indoor plumbing, central heating, and lifesaving medical care come to mind. But if your circadian rhythms — which govern sleep-wake cycles and affect your metabolism — could cast a vote, they would probably choose a return to the good old days. There’s no need to take up residence in the nearest cave to reset your inner clock, but do make an effort to get outside in the early morning hours, and try to get a little more sunshine throughout the day. Then, after sunset, start dimming the lights and powering down all the electronics. Your waistline just might thank you!

Source: Ambient Light Exposure and Changes in Obesity Parameters


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