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3 Great Gifts They’ll Be Thankful For   
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There’s no reason to battle holiday shoppers in December when you can start shopping now. That way, come the actual holidays, you won’t feel that “Why did I wait until the last minute?!” stress — and you’ll have more time to spend with loved ones. With Thanksgiving around the corner, we found a few feel-good gifts that show just how much you care about family and friends.
  1. Say “Aaah” for Aromatherapy: Encourage loved ones to relax and rejuvenate with this set of pure essential oils in three soothing aromas – peppermint, lavender, and lemongrass.
  2. Help Friends Find Fitness: Whether you’re looking to motivate a couch potato or make a fitness fanatic friend happy, exercise DVDs are an easy, appreciated gift. Choose from yoga, dance, kickboxing, Pilates, and more.
  3. Color Everyone Creative: These books are best-sellers for a reason – they work! Designed to help busy adults step back from the chaos of everyday life, relax, and reconnect with their inner creativity. Choose from Color Me Happy, Color Me Stress-Free, and Color Me Calm.


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