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Holiday indulgence insurance: stick with your exercise routine!    
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Guacamole, cheese fondue, petit fours… and so much more. In the holiday swirl of parties, lunches, and family gatherings, food is everywhere you look, making it way too easy to overdo it. Research has shown that a single week of overeating can lead to harmful metabolic changes (scary, we know), but preliminary evidence points to an effective insurance policy for holiday indulgence: exercise. In a small study, researchers looked at the effects of overeating among a group of adults who exercise regularly. Over the course of a week, the participants ate 30 percent more calories than they normally did and kept up their usual exercise routine. Whereas overeating among sedentary adults had been shown to increase inflammation levels and impair insulin sensitivity, two factors that can set the stage for chronic illness, the active adults in the study didn’t experience those harmful changes. A larger study reached similar conclusions. Consider this one of many reasons to stick with your exercise routine — or start one asap. Walk, run, dance, swim, bike — pick one or do them all. In addition to managing stress and weight, helping prevent chronic illness, and boosting your mood, you’ll protect your body against one too many pieces of pie!

Source: Exercise May Shield Against the Health Fallout of a Weeklong Overindulgence


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