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Stocking Stuffers: 5 Health-Conscious Gifts    
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In the name of fun and good health, here are five gifts to fill those holiday stockings.

1. SweetDreams 72% Chocolate Bark: Rich in antioxidants and full of rich, delicious, chocolate flavor. $6.50

2. YogiBo Aromatherapy Scarf: With cozy pockets for your hands and relaxing hot or cold aromatherapy treatment, this is a must-have scarf for winter. $35

3. Rockee Kids Toothbrush: It rocks, wobbles and spins but never tips over – making brushing tons of fun! Available in cat and dog designs. $10.36

4. Come As You Are Yoga DVD: Cleveland Clinic’s own Judi Bar teaches this beginner to intermediate yoga practice designed to release muscle tension, improve posture and balance, and build strength. $14.99

5. Aqua Zinger Water Bottle Infuser: You can’t help but drink more water when it comes from this stainless steel bottle. Simply add fresh ingredients, twist, and shake – delicious! $25.99


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