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The long good-bye: So long, trans fats. We won’t miss ya!   
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If your arteries could sing, they’d belt out a rousing chorus of “hallelujah!” at the welcome news that manufactured trans fats are being phased out of the food supply. The first and leading supplier of these notorious fats, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, was developed to extend shelf life and improve the texture and taste of packaged foods like cookies, crackers, frosting and baked goods. Trans fats turned out to be the baddest of the bad fats, upping heart disease and diabetes risks by changing the way receptors on your cells’ membranes work). Given that calling card, a recent study linking the consumption of trans fats to cognitive decline comes as no surprise. The phase-out process won’t be complete until 2018, though, so stay vigilant. There’s no need to wait until 2018 — you can stop eating them now. If you buy packaged goods, scan ingredient lists for partially hydrogenated oil — and steer clear. Do yourself one more favor and avoid fully hydrogenated fats too, which some manufacturers are using as a replacement. While fully hydrogenated oil doesn’t contain trans fats, its health effects are uncertain at best. Leave “better living through chemistry” behind entirely. Instead, supply your brain and body with fats from nutritious, whole foods, such as olives, olive oil, avocados, nut butters, walnuts, salmon and ocean trout. The same goes for carbs and proteins too!

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