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Supercharge your brain with a secret weapon: good fitness.    
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Apps and planners are great for staying organized, but your walking shoes, tennis racket, and swimsuit may be the best tools of all. A recent study linked cardiovascular fitness with the brain’s “executive function”—the part that helps you plan, remember, multitask, and work toward goals. Researchers looked at brain-imaging scans in a group of older adults and — lo and behold — parts of the brain that govern executive function were more active in those who were more fit. To help your brain’s CEO perform at its best, get your blood pumping on a daily basis with activities like walking, dancing, swimming and biking. (If your inner HR department has to fire Ms. Couch Potato, so be it.)  You’ll benefit your body, head to toe, and you may find yourself whipping through to-do lists and even — finally! — organizing your closets.


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