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The eyes have it! Exercise may help prevent glaucoma.    
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Want to be able to gaze into your spouse’s, children’s, or grandchildren’s eyes for years to come? And feast your eyes on new-fallen snow, gorgeous sunsets, and your favorite movies? Well then, bust out your walking shoes, swimsuit, or squash racket. New research suggests that regular exercise may offer yet another health benefit: helping to prevent glaucoma, the second leading cause of blindness. Researchers found that the more intensely people exercised, and the more time they spent exercising, the lower their risk of glaucoma. In fact, those who were most physically active had a 73 percent lower risk of developing the disease compared with those who were the least active! (So much for the long-held belief that lifestyle changes have no effect on the risk of glaucoma.) This news does not mean you need to start running marathons. But let it light a fire under your feet that motivates you to either start a physical activity routine or, if you have one already, kick things up a notch by gradually increasing your time and intensity. If this long-term benefit of exercise seems abstract, use the more immediate benefit for motivation: regular exercise makes you feel good!

Source: Another Reason to Exercise: Protecting Your Sight

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