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An apple (or orange, banana, or peach) a day may help to keep heart trouble away!   
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“Eat your veggies!” is sound advice, but don’t forget to hit the fruit bowl. A single apple, orange, or nectarine offers a cornucopia of fiber, vitamins, and phenomenal phytonutrients — all of which support your overall health. According to a new population study, eating fresh fruit on a daily basis may significantly lower your risk of having a heart attack or stroke. No matter how you feel about Brussels sprouts, we’re pretty sure that upping your fruit intake won’t require any coaxing. If there’s anything more delicious than a perfectly ripe peach or bowl of berries, we would be hard-pressed to name it. Besides offering plant power galore, fruit also crowds out nutritionally empty edibles like sugary desserts and processed snacks. Don’t fall for fruit products and imposters: fruit “drinks” and processed fruit “leather” don’t offer the same benefits, nor does fruit with added sugar (we’re looking at you, canned peaches in heavy syrup). Keep it simple — and good for your heart — by keeping it whole. Fruit is a sweet deal, for your palate and your health.

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