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April showers bring May flowers…to your plate! Nasturtiums and other edible blossoms are a food of beauty.   
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Add some of Mother Nature’s beauty to your plate this season with edible flowers like nasturtiums, calendula and violets. More than just pretty faces, edible flowers are blooming with vitamins and phytonutrients. Nasturtiums, for instance, are high in lycopene (just like tomatoes), and violets are rich in beta-carotene, just like carrots. But don’t bite into any blossoms before you know that they’re edible (and pesticide-free), because some flowers are actually toxic. Try these elegant, edible ideas:
  • Salad surprise: Nasturtiums add a peppery flavor to salad, calendula a bit of tanginess, and violets a bittersweet taste.
  • The right stuff: Fill nasturtiums, or squash and zucchini blossoms, with light and fluffy quinoa and bulgur or mushrooms.
  • Tea for two (or more!): Steep hibiscus, calendula or chamomile blossoms in hot water, and then chill for a tall drink of summer.


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