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Be partners in brain health! Keep your neurons firing — together — and enjoy a better quality of life as you age.   
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Two heads are better than one — especially when it comes to protecting your brain! Being in a fulfilling long-term relationship helps to protect your brain health as you age. But getting proactive together about protecting your brain is the ultimate investment. Your partner’s cognitive health affects your quality of life —and vice versa. Remember this: Being “brain health partners” isn’t just about sitting around doing crossword puzzles together. It’s about nourishing your bodies and minds — with nutritious whole foods, lots of physical activity, smart stress management techniques, a network of supportive relationships, quality sleep and rest, and continued learning. Get your personalized Brain Health Index score and a detailed action plan on our Healthy Brains website — and then get out your calendar. Schedule brain-friendly activities like walks and bike rides, dinner with friends, grocery shopping (think veggies, fish and other Mediterranean delights), classes that inspire you, and downtime too. Make this your new date night: some brain-friendly foreplay (like a rousing game of Scrabble®, chess or backgammon) followed by cozy time with your sweetheart.


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