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Walk this way! Three ways to get more from your walks this summer.   
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Which physical activity requires no equipment and is a fantastic mode of both transportation and exercise? Yes, we’re talking about walking. But there’s a difference between a leisurely stroll and a sweat-inducing speed walk. If you love leisurely strolls, why not boost your fitness and overall health this summer by taking things to the next level. According to Cleveland Clinic fitness specialist Ryan Sidak, there are two avenues for amping up your walking workout: speed and intensity. To increase your speed, start with intervals. “At first, try walking at your regular pace for two minutes, speeding up for the third minute, and then repeating those intervals,” says Sidak. “After a few walks, or whenever you’re comfortable, switch to one minute of the slower pace and two minutes of the faster walking.” As for intensity, try adding hills or increasing the incline on a treadmill. You’ll get a great cardio workout and target different muscles than you do on level ground. (Don’t be surprised if your clothes fit differently!) You can also try carrying small dumbbells while you walk, but do keep the weight low to avoid injury, says Sidak. Start with one-pound weights and increase slowly, to a maximum of five pounds. Pretty soon “a walk in the park” will take on new meaning!


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