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For good heart health, watch out for work stress!   
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You know what they say about all work and no play. But being a dull boy may be the least of Jack’s worries! To help ensure good heart health, take work-related stress seriously, and find ways to ease or manage it. According to a new study, people with high levels of work stress had a 37 percent increased risk of atrial fibrillation, a serious heart-rhythm disorder that can lead to stroke and premature death. Most jobs are stressful on some days, but remember stress isn’t what is done to you but how you react to an event. So learn to manage it at the time it occurs, as ongoing stress can seriously affect your health, especially when two factors are combined: intense psychological demands (like not having enough time to complete tasks) and a lack of control over your circumstances at work. If it’s possible, talk with your supervisor or colleagues to make changes that ease the pressure or increase the amount of control you feel at work. You can also take steps to protect yourself against the effects of work stress, or any type of chronic stress, by making sure you’re exercising regularly, prioritizing sleep, and incorporating a practice like deep breathing, guided imagery, yoga or mindfulness meditation to help you become more resilient to stress. One study on nurses, who are often under extreme stress at work, showed that mindfulness practice reduced perceived stress by over 44% and eased feelings of burnout by over 30%, and also increased relaxation and life satisfaction. Look for a yoga class or mindfulness program in your community, or check out our online Stress Free Now program. Your heart and happiness are well worth the investment.

Source: Job strain and atrial fibrillation – Results from the Swedish Longitudinal Occupational Survey of Health and meta-analysis of three studies

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