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Feeling anxious? Lavender may help!   
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Does the smell of lavender bring a smile to your face? Plenty of others seem to agree, judging by the number of bath salts, lotions, and soaps available on store shelves, often touting the adjective “relaxing.” Beyond the fleeting pleasure that comes from simply enjoying the fragrance of lavender, some say the plant oil can affect your state of mind (make sure it is 100% essential oil lavender—no phthalates). A recent study suggests that may be true. Researchers exposed mice to the smell of vaporized linalool, a component of lavender that’s not 100% essential (so not what we want you as a human to have), and found that it triggered relaxation—without the harmful side effects of, say, anti-anxiety medication or alcohol. An earlier study on dental patients showed that breathing in the smell of lavender essential oil helped to reduce pre-procedure jitters. Consider vaporizing a few drops of the essential oil using a diffuser the next time you’re feeling stressed, or get an essential oil packet. If you feel your jaw relax or your shoulders drop, just say "ah" and enjoy.

Source: Linalool Odor-Induced Anxiolytic Effects in Mice

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