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Tis the season…to double down on staying healthy!   
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Between holiday parties, family gatherings, sledding and skiing outings, and journeys near or far, the delights of the season abound. Unfortunately, so do cold and flu viruses, and there’s nothing like chills or a stuffy head to mess with your mojo. Follow these steps to help ensure you sail through the season with minimal sniffles — and maximum smiles.

Get your daily groove on. Getting a good night’s sleep, eating a nutritious diet, exercising regularly…sound familiar? The same habits that fend off chronic illness in the long run help to keep your immune system in good shape. Yes, the holidays get busy, but don’t let all that extra activity crowd out your healthy routines. Schedule in exercise the way you would a meeting or doctor’s appointment, and be judicious about burning the midnight oil (yes for your best friend’s New Year’s bash; no for reading every last online review of gifts on your holiday list).

Better late than never…when it comes to the flu shot. Getting vaccinated mid-fall is ideal, but mid-December is not too late — influenza can stick around until May! There’s no nasal spray option this year, so put on your game face: It’s shots for young and old alike.

Wash your hands. Frequently. Enough said? We sure hope so. If you do get sick. Viruses are clever little creatures and can slip through your best defense. If you do get sick, whip up a batch of Chicken Soup — or make some now, freeze it and thaw as needed. Besides being comforting and delicious, chicken soup may help reduce cold and flu symptoms. Gargling with salt water or sipping warm water with lemon and honey can ease a sore throat. And be sure to get plenty of rest, the best medicine of all.

Source: How to boost your immune system


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