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Tricks of the trade! Simple kitchen swaps can yield big health benefits.   
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When you’re in a rut or want to up the “nutrition factor” in your kitchen, “simple swaps can have big payoffs for overall health and flavor,” says Cleveland Clinic nutritionist Amy Gannon, RD. “I look for trades that help you drop saturated fats, added sugar, or stripped carbohydrates while adding nutrients.” Three to try:

Nonfat plain Greek yogurt adds creamy goodness to chili or tacos, in place of sour cream. “You hardly notice the difference, but you’re getting more than four times the protein with no saturated fat,” says Gannon. Nonfat yogurt also serves as a great substitute for mayonnaise in chicken or tuna salad.

Avocado, with its nutritious fats and fiber, is a fantastic multitasker. Use it on sandwiches in place of cheese or mayonnaise, blended into pasta sauce for a vegan Alfredo, or in smoothies for creaminess without dairy. It blends well into desserts too, in place of dairy or eggs…vegan dark-chocolate mousse, anyone?

Whole fruit is a nourishing, fiber-rich source of sweet goodness and beautiful colors. Instead of snacking on stripped and processed carbs, try apple slices with nut butter or cheese, or pour sautéed berries instead of syrup on whole-grain pancakes. And skip the orange juice — peel yourself a fresh, fiber-rich, satisfying orange instead.

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