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Keep your cool! Here’s how to eat well during the dog days of summer.   
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What do you get when you add a 400-degree oven to a sweltering summer day? Misery, with a side of perspiration. Save the high-heat cooking for cozy fall days and create a summer eating plan that’ll keep you well-nourished and cool as a cucumber. Speaking of which, cukes and other raw veggies and fruits are a great place to start. “When you combine heat, humidity, and outdoor activity, staying hydrated is essential,” says Cleveland Clinic nutritionist Amy Gannon, RD. Besides drinking plenty of water, seek out foods that are cool and have a high water content, like cucumbers, watermelon, berries, celery, and radishes. Lighten up hot dishes by pairing them with a crisp summer salad, suggests Gannon, and break out the grill for fish, veggies, or chicken to avoid heating up your house. Believe it or not, summer is the perfect time to crank up the heat in one respect: spicy hot peppers! “Spices make you sweat, which helps your body to cool down,” says Gannon. Just be sure to drink plenty of water alongside your spicy stir-fry or salsa to replenish what you lose from sweating.

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