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At the Fitness Academy Awards, cardio and resistance exercise get the diva treatment: red carpet, glitzy gowns, long-winded speeches, the works. Flexibility, nominated for a supporting role, feels underappreciated (yet extremely relaxed). But balance? Snubbed! Balance exercises may lack glamour, ... Read more
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As you carefully shuffle your feet along the icy sidewalk or parking lot to get around this winter, it can be a challenge not to lose your balance and fall. Daily practice of these yoga poses, which promote balance, strength, and muscle memory, can greatly improve your chances of staying upright. ... Read more

No matter what your age, doing exercises that help you maintain balance will help you stay on your feet longer. Balance problems frequently affect older adults, so the sooner you can incorporate moves like the yoga tree pose into your routine, the better off you’ll be down the road. In one study, ... Read more
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Among its many benefits, yoga helps you maintain balance, which gets even more essential as you age. “Balance poses improve your posture, strengthen your legs and core muscles, and increase your awareness of your center of gravity,” says yoga therapist Judi Bar, Cleveland Clinic yoga program mana ... Read more

Have a seat. Now freeze! Notice how you’re sitting and answer these questions: Are both feet flat on the floor? Are your legs bent at a 90-degree angle with your knees over your ankles? Is your spine straight? Are your abdominals gently pulled in? Are your shoulders down with your shoulde ... Read more
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