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If you keep putting off doing something to manage stressful events, stop procrastinating. In fact, now is a perfectly good time to get started: close your eyes, put your feet on the floor, unclench your jaw and relax your shoulders, and breathe deeply for a few minutes. Doesn’t that feel good? ... Read more

Two heads are better than one — especially when it comes to protecting your brain! Being in a fulfilling long-term relationship helps to protect your brain health as you age. But getting proactive together about protecting your brain is the ultimate investment. Your partner’s cognitive health aff ... Read more

Knit one, pearl two, brain power, we love you! Sudoku and other paper puzzles aren’t the only activities that can help keep your neurons firing as you age. Knitting and other crafting activities have also been linked with a reduced risk of cognitive impairment. The calming, meditative effects of ... Read more

Apps and planners are great for staying organized, but your walking shoes, tennis racket, and swimsuit may be the best tools of all. A recent study linked cardiovascular fitness with the brain’s “executive function”—the part that helps you plan, remember, multitask, and work toward goals. Researc ... Read more

What if we told you that there’s a link between the air that you breathe indoors and the way that your brain works? Seems there’s a strong link between indoor air quality and cognitive function. Researchers had a group of professionals work in the same office for six days. During that time, the ... Read more
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