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 Managing Mood During Seasonal Changes
One of the most frequent questions from my patients during this season is “Do you think I might have seasonal affective disorder?” Seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD, is a form of depression that generally manifests in the late fall when there is less natural sunlight and the days b ... Read more
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If only Michael Jackson had been talking about this glorious root vegetable, maybe we’d all be a whole lot healthier! The fact is, beets are good for your heart, and they can even improve athletic performance. But the best reason to try them? They’re delicious and in season right now. Beets are o ... Read more

Early birds do more than just catch the worm — they also tend to drive better in the morning than night owls, who pay less attention in the morning. These tips are especially for those of you who tend to burn the midnight oil. 1. Start slowly. Give your body time for your cortisol levels to catch ... Read more
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There are many ways to fight fatigue, but sometimes a glass of water is what your body needs most to perk up. Dehydration causes headaches, loss of focus and fatigue. And you can get dehydrated whether you’re exercising or completely at rest. In fact, in one study, it took only mild dehydration — ... Read more
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Iron is one of the nutrients that your body needs most on a daily basis. It's critical for keeping up your energy, making your skin glow, increasing your endurance, allowing your muscles to recover faster and even boosting your immune system. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for premenopausal wom ... Read more

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