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If jogging is your jam, or if you enjoy any high-impact exercises like jumping rope or Zumba, you may have some experience with an ingrown toenail. You can turn that ouch around by treating those troubled tootsies as soon you start to feel pain. (You’ll also be less likely to experience an infect ... Read more

It takes two to tango…literally and figuratively! And two may beat one when it comes to walking, jogging, and biking as well. New research suggests that finding an exercise partner can increase the amount of exercise you do. Compared with participants who stuck with their usual exercise routine, ... Read more

It’s called “cardio” for a reason. Walking, swimming, dancing, and other types of exercise that get your body moving and your blood pumping are fantastic for your cardiovascular system. But don’t forget about strength training. Resistance-based exercise is great for your heart too. Research shows ... Read more

Ever watch a marathon or Olympic race and marvel at the athletes who seem to have been “born to run”? But most runners are made, not born, and it’s not marathons or 500-yard dashes that really go the distance for your health. Jogging regularly for even short distances can substantially reduce y ... Read more
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We love how researchers keep learning more about why exercise needs to be a priority for everyone. Take the latest news about running, for example. You may already know that running has a host of health benefits: It reduces your risk of certain cancers and protects against heart disease; increase ... Read more

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Live by the beach or going on vacation? Work out by the water. Walking or running in the sand burns up to 50 percent more calories. read full tip
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