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You know what to avoid in order to stay healthy: smoking, drinking too much, heavily processed food,,added sugars, simple carbs, inactivity. But how about that relatively simple thing you could be doing…but aren’t? According to a new study, nearly 75 percent of American adults don’t do the reco ... Read more

When the weather outside is frightful, many of us brave the cold with our shoulders raised up to our ears and our necks hunched, resulting in painfully tense muscles. To ease muscle pain throughout the winter months, try these simple stretches: Begin seated at the front and center of a chair ... Read more

I am asked all the time, “What are the best exercises for my core?” and “What exercises will help me get a better stomach?” I always respond to these questions with a question of my own: “Do you want to strengthen your core or do you want to drop a few inches off your waistline?” The principle of ... Read more

We all exercise for different reasons, but do you know the number one reason I hear around the gym? To look better naked! In addition to the stomach area, toning your buttocks will make a big difference when you’re in your, err, birthday suit. Unfortunately, too many of us believe that squats are t ... Read more
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No, you haven’t walked into high school Phys-Ed or a CrossFit class. But, yes, we are going to talk about push-ups. If you’re thinking, who cares about an old-fashioned chest-strengthening exercise, I’m going to let you in on a push-up secret: it’s a full-body exercise that engages the core, quadri ... Read more

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Joint effort: Add tai chi to your arthritis tool full tip
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