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Give your lower back some love by doing one of yoga’s most basic moves: the forward fold. Forward folds create length and space in the spine, counteracting spinal compression. (Can you hear your back breathing a sigh of relief?) And because of its inward nature, the forward fold can even promote ... Read more

Donning pj’s, brushing teeth, and dimming lights are a good start. But to really get your relaxation on before bed, turn upside down. Legs Up the Wall pose —exactly what it sounds like — is a gentle inversion that calms the nervous system. “By actively disengaging the body mechanics required for ... Read more

Have you felt more like a hibernating bear than the Energizer Bunny this winter? Do we have a yoga pose for you! Mountain to Warrior Flow will help you shake off the winter blahs and get you primed for spring. This strengthening pose increases your heart rate, gets your blood pumping, and gently ... Read more

“Joy…and pain…are like sunshine…and rain.” Those lyrics from an 80s song are an apt description of the ups and downs of life. But for the millions of people who experience back pain, the pain part takes center stage at times, sidelining them from some of life’s joy and sunshine. For low back pa ... Read more

Whether because of hours spent at a desk, in the car, or in front of the TV, we tend to sit a lot. In fact, Americans are sitting an average of 13 hours a day. Besides the health risks associated with prolonged sitting (higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, and depression), joint ... Read more
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Summer sipping: Enjoy your beverage, but don’t do it for your heart! read full tip
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