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Donning pj’s, brushing teeth, and dimming lights are a good start. But to really get your relaxation on before bed, turn upside down. Legs Up the Wall pose —exactly what it sounds like — is a gentle inversion that calms the nervous system. “By actively disengaging the body mechanics required for ... Read more

Have you felt more like a hibernating bear than the Energizer Bunny this winter? Do we have a yoga pose for you! Mountain to Warrior Flow will help you shake off the winter blahs and get you primed for spring. This strengthening pose increases your heart rate, gets your blood pumping, and gently ... Read more

If you’ve avoided asanas and other activities because of arthritis pain, we have good news. A well-designed yoga program is not only safe for people with arthritis, says new research, but it may also ease symptoms and boost mood. In the study, people with either osteoarthritis in the knee or rheu ... Read more

The yoga posture known as plank pose proves that exertion comes in many forms — not just running distances and pumping iron. Plank pose builds strength and vitality year-round, and, at this time of year, it can serve as an efficient “winter warmer,” says Judi Bar, Cleveland Clinic’s yoga program ... Read more

Tai chi isn’t exactly mainstream in the U.S. — yet! — but the more we study this ancient Chinese practice, the more obvious its benefits become. And that’s especially true as we age. Tai chi is a martial art that involves moving the body in a deliberate, meditative way. With its emphasis on slow ... Read more

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The eyes have it! Vitamin C may slow the progression of cataracts. read full tip
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